/Cody’s Guide to Stress Relief

Cody’s Guide to Stress Relief

I’m no doctor, but I do know a thing or two about stress.

Given it is the week before exams, and leading into the Holidays, some of us may be at our breaking point, so here are my tips to maintaining health and sanity in a world gone mad.

  1. Exercise – You don’t need to be a fitness guru, but some light exercise when you’re under pressure is beneficial. Go for a jog before you study to help clear your mind and get you focused. Plus, exercise is just good for you in general, and a healthy person is a happy person.
  2. Water – You’re made of it, and you need it. It completes you. Drink plenty and it will keep your brain functioning at peak efficiency. Many people are dehydrated and are unaware of the fact that they are.   Water helps keep you free of stress.
  3. Meditation – A personal favorite of mine. Meditation helps channel your focus and at times help shut out the world. Just find a comfortable position, and try and think of nothing. If you can manage that, you will be able to free your mind of your worries and devote all your energy to your studies.
  4. Massage – Who doesn’t love a massage? It provides pleasure and physically releases the stress that your body can accumulate. Release the tension in your muscles and allow provide time for your “self”.  Your needs come first in stress relief. You can get a professional to do it, or mechanically with a massage chair, but sometimes the best massage is the kind you get from a significant other.
  5. Masturbation – You may be grossed out by the thought, but it is proven to be very effective in the relief of stress.  It relaxes muscles, and provides happy chemicals to your brain.
  6. Sleep – Naps. Naps are good. Your body needs rest to rejuvenate itself. Naps are convenient for those who can’t get regular sleep (8 hours a night). Sometimes it may be better to sleep and wake rested than to stay up late studying.
  7. Recreation – A little fun, but not to the point that it eats up your time, can be beneficial. Video games, in particular, I have found to be very relaxing. Sometimes when you’re frustrated to the point you need to destroy something, it is good to be able to inflict those urges in a digital way. Halo for happiness.
  8. Eat! This is no time to stick to your diet Your body wants food so feed it. You can’t think on an empty stomach anyway.
  9. Yell – I can’t stress this enough; yelling can be good for you – have you ever just unloaded with a good scream into the distance? Feels good. And it’s free. Shout, shout, let it all out…..

 Note: Cody Kimball is not a doctor and his advice is not t0 be taken as legitimate medical advice. Ask a medical professional before undertaking any activity involving your health.