/Cody’s Chaos Column 58-7

Cody’s Chaos Column 58-7

Do you enjoy anime but hate watching countless hours of filler? Well, an Internet trend has put an end to all that. It’s called “abridging,” and it has become quite popular in recent years.

The first “Abridged Series” was started by a Youtube user called “littlekuriboh” in 2006, and has been running ever since. What Littlekuriboh did was take the American episodes of the “Yu-Gi-Oh” cartoon, and condense episodes (often multiple episodes) into “abridged” episodes of less than 10 minutes. He also did voiceovers of all of the characters, providing a level of humor and new character to the show.

Other shows were quick to follow, including “Naruto,” “Pokemon,” “Dragonball Z,” “Sailor Moon,” and numerous others. The creators of these series have become regular attendees at anime conventions and even have unique merchandise for sale.

You can find (and subscribe) to your favorite shows on Youtube, and some on iTunes.

Cody Kimball