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Christmas Gifts

‘Twas the night of the rehearsal and to the theatre our class ran,

But all I could think was how this all began.

We first read the O. Henry Stories, from a parchment and tome,

Of a bum and a cop, and a watch and a comb.

Then given were we, a few excerpts to test,

Performed by the brave, and listened by the rest.

One day we saw Twana from Erie Square Gazette,

Also Brian,Cody and Dan whom we all met.

They told of the paper, and surfed their site,

Then said come aboard, you all have the right.

We spoke to the director, and were told what to foresee,

Tom talked of the setting, and the acting to be.

Then we learned of open casting and how we could all be a part,

But that’s enough reminiscing, the play will soon start.

Justin Bass

Guest Writer