/Angels among us

Angels among us

The holidays are here again. It’s a time for family and giving thanks. As we sit down to turkey dinners with all the trimmings, we should take time to realize that there are families out there less fortunate than our own.

Angel Food Ministries is an organization started in 1994 that helps to ease the struggle of those in need by helping the grocery budget and offering prepared food packages for families at reasonable prices.

The website (www.angelfoodministries.com) can direct visitors to the various locations where they distribute food packages. Visitors can also view the monthly menu selections to see what’s available.

The food packages include some prepared meals, various meats, vegetables, rice, pancake mixes and more. These packages vary in price and start at $21. Special packages available for the holidays include ham, turkey, stuffing along with all the trimmings to put the finishing touches on your holiday feast. The ministry also offers snack packs for the kids after school that have easy microwaveable brain food for when they get off of the bus.

Kim of Kimball twp., a first time Angel food customer, thinks it’s a great service, saying, “Thank god for people like this.”

On a distribution day, there can be up to fifteen volunteers to make this miracle happen. A truck arrives with the food around 7 a.m. and people usually around to pick the packages up between 9 and 10:30 a.m.

Volunteer Diane Chadwell said, “It’s the only grocery store that offers curbside service.”

Pastor Phil Whetstone said Dec. 18 will be the last Angel Food distribution date at Colonial Woods Missionary Church and that it was “disappointing to see the downturn in orders.” He went on to say that this was due to the drop in demand for this service. They used to get over 300 customers and now it’s down to 30 or less.

Other local sites where this service can be used are Griswold st. Baptist Church at 1232 Griswold in Port Huron phone number (810)-989-9516 and North Lakeport Wesleyan Church at 3871 Harris rd. in Lakeport phone number (810)-327-6211

These volunteers are truly angels for taking time to help those less fortunate than themselves and should be recognized not only during the holidays but throughout the year.

Ray Robinson

Managing Editor