3rd place English class winner – “A pleasant Surprise”

Tiffany Kiss
Guest Writer

These past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of reading two O’Henry stories for my English 102 class. They were: The Cop and the Anthem and The gifts of the Magi. Both of these stories were very, amusing, and full of irony, which I personally prefer rather than the warm, fuzzy stories with the picture perfect ending.
The play, The gift of the Magi, put on by SC4’s theatre department was a pleasant combination of both these stories.
In class we were fortunate enough to speak with the play director, Tom Kephart and the staff of the college newspaper, Twana Pinskey Editor-in-Chief, Cody Kimball, Web Master, and Brian Johnston, Copy Editor. All made me realize how easy it is to be involved with activities at SC4.
I was surprised at how the different departments had come together to provide a good, educational experience for the students.

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