2nd Place article from English class “Not the typical classroom assignment”

Chelsey Schroder

Guest writer

Two of O Henry’s stories came to life from our literature book onto the stage at The Gifts of the Magi. Our class went above and beyond by analyzing excerpts from the play. Play director, Tom Kephart was able to come into our class and answer our behind the scenes questions. With him came members of Erie Square Gazette newspaper staff to give us a crash course in newspaper writing.

With the titles of armature play critic and newspaper writers under our belts, we headed to the dress rehearsal. As the lights dimmed, we watched fellow students take the stage.

Overall, a class project became more than just a grade. I was amazed to learn how easy it is to become involved here at SC4. You don’t have to have a acting resume to try out for a play. And if you want to write something for the newspaper, go for it!

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