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Fire Powers

A new level of mealtime entertainment has been set, and to experience it you need only travel a few city blocks. Powers Diner, probably best known for their classic sliders, is now offering a sampler platter that has one of the most fundamentally entertaining elements of our world: fire.

The hamburger restaurant, located at 1209 Military Street in Port Huron, has recently added the new feature to their menu.

Adjunct Instructor Robert Kroll, and Cody Kimball playing with fire. Phot by Zachary Penzien

“It’s something we just stated recently,” commented Sarah Fortune, a waitress at the diner. The “Jackpot Platter” comes decked out with Chicken Strips, barbecued ribs, fried chicken, shrimp, Italian sausage, and skewers of pineapple and maraschino cherries. If the food wasn’t enough to get you interested, here’s the fun part – it comes with a personal grill.

The grill is roughly the size of a tall coffee mug but utilizes real fire, so when you heat up or refry your food, you get all the primal satisfaction of a sizzling flare up.

It gets better. The whole thing is just $12, which makes it great to share for a cheap fun lunch break.

Powers, if you’ve never been, is a landmark in Port Huron. They’ve been around for decades. The interior appears to be stuck in the 50’s, with era memorabilia and Coca-Cola collectables lining the walls.

There’s a charming simplicity to it all, reminiscent of a bygone age. The restaurant is also a hub of activity during many local events such as classic car cruises. It’s definitely worth the walk if you’ve got some time between classes.

Cody Kimball