/Club Corner: Drama Club

Club Corner: Drama Club

Daniel Pettee

Staff Writer

The Drama Club re-launched in the winter semester of 2009 after being dormant for 8-10 years.

“To me, the big reason to get involved and get the drama club going again was to provide even more opportunities for students to be involved in theater,” said Tom Kephart, faculty advisor for the Drama Club.

The club is pretty informal, according to Kephart. Officially, the Drama Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in room 30 of the Fine Arts Building.

Tom Kephart, faculty advisor for the Drama Club, in his office in the Fine Arts building Oct. 27. Photo by: Daniel Pettee

The club’s next official meeting will be Nov. 17, but you’re likely to find club members talking or playing guitar in the atrium of the College Center just about any time.

According to Kephart, “Over the course of a year there are a total of six opportunities for students to be involved with shows, which is pretty impressive for a community college of our size.”

Participation in the shows is open to all students on campus, not just Drama Club members or theater students. For Drama Club productions, students handle all aspects of the production, from acting, costuming, and set production, to the business of putting on a live show.

Club members consider how many people they expect to attend their productions and plan their budget accordingly. To help raise funds for their productions last year, the Drama Club put on a bake sale and a popcorn sale. Also, like the Art department productions, the club charges admission to the shows. Admission runs about $5 and helps to cover the club’s expenses.

“One of the interesting things, to me, is that for some of the kids it’s the first time they’ve had to budget for anything,” said Kephart. “So they’ve learned not just acting, but how a whole show comes together and how to manage a small theater company.”

In December the Drama Club will be presenting “Welcome to the Moon.” Dan Williams, president of the Drama Club, will direct the play.