//Breaking: Update: Republican Victories Projected

Breaking: Update: Republican Victories Projected

Republican Victories Projected

Cody Kimball


Moments after the polls closed, projections of Republican victories In the Gubernatorial, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Representative races came in. Projections place Rick Snyder and Brian Calley as the victors in the Governors race, Ruth Johnson in the Secretary of State position, Bill Schuette in the Attorney General position, and Candice Miller as the winner for the 10th District Representative in Congress.

The race to elect members of the state board of education is projected to go to republicans Eileen Weisler and Richard Ziele.

The State Senate race for the 25th District is projected to go to Republican Phil Pavlov.

The State Representative Race for the 81st district is also projected to go to Republican Jud Gilbert. The representative race for the state 32nd district is projected to go to Republican Andrea LaFontaine.

Local response to the projected results is mixed.

“I don’t think anything is going to get done,” comments Dale Merrill, the program director of WSGR.

Many voters were apathetic towards the results. “I’ve never liked a Governor from Michigan,” commented SC4 adjunct instructor Robert Kroll. “I might know how I feel about a Republican victory tonight, in 4 years.”

Laura Sheldon, 50 of Fort Gratiot feels similar. “Find me a job and I don’t care who is Governor!”

Many acknowledged they were just happy to see a change from the current Governor, Democrat, Jennifer Granholm.

“It’s time for a change-a better change,” said Carol Cataldo of Port Huron. Other voters are excited for the changes. “I was very excited to vote for someone I consider to be more of a business man,” said Marcia Collins, 54 of Port Huron Township about the projected Rick Snyder victory. “I think he can bring some good ideas.”

In other election results, Proposal 10-1 to draft a revision of the state constitution, is projected not to pass. However, Proposal 10-2, “a proposal to amend the state constitution to prohibit certain convicted felons from holding elective office and specified types of public employment positions”, is projected to be approved. The Veterans millage is also projected to pass.

In the St. Clair County Community College board of trustees race, the top 3 vote getters for the 6 year positions, at the time of print were David Opplinger with just over 27 percent of the vote, Robert Tansky with 26 percent, and Denise Brooks with 26 percent. The 2 year position is projected to go to Nicholas Degrazia with over 60 percent of the vote.