: SC4 students face registration problems

Cody Kimball


At 4:30 am Monday morning, SC4 students assembled in cyberspace to be the first in line to register for their Winter classes, many setting their alarms to be awake early to do so. What they found was a series of problems and frustration.

The St. Clair County Community College Facebook page, which states “WAVE will be available starting at 4:30 a.m. Monday for registration and all other functions.”, has become a hub of student chatter regarding the various problems. Some students have received messages denying their entry to the WAVE entirely, including messages that passwords are incorrect. Others found that classes were not “found”, and a deluge of other error messages.

One error message encountered during the first hour of online registration.

Students are utilizing the Facebook page as a means to voice their concerns. Until shortly after 5:30, students were overwhelmingly denied access to the wave, which upon entry is currently host to many of its own problems. Errors such as “No response returned from the server.” , “Invalid A.VAR.ID received, expecting numeric CS or STC ID” and numerous others. Some students are being logged out of the WAVE itself. Other problems include difficulties verifying academic programs.

Victor Uhlman, a student who attempted to register in the morning was one who experienced difficulties. “If I had a dollar for every error I’ve gotten, I would have 124 dollars.” said Uhlman. “Not joking.”

These problems may be reoccurring.

As web users continue to cope with the issues, reports of individual successes are slowly coming in.

Administrators could not be reached for comment.

3 thoughts on “: SC4 students face registration problems”

  1. I called student services just before 6:00 am after having a plethora of various error messages while attempting to log in to WAVE. When I first started trying to log in I was in the system, now WAVE can’t even find my user name to give a password hint.

    It is now 7:00 am and I am still on hold, listening to the same message, “All help-desk specialists are still assisting other callers, please remain on the line for the next available specialist.”. I guess I’m not the only person who is calling. I want to hang up but I keep thinking that maybe I’m next in line?!

  2. I understand fully the frustration of my fellow students. I had to wait 2 hrs. 15 minutes to registered. Twana Pinskey “Editor-in-Chief” Erie Square Gazette.

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