/Brain candy

Brain candy

Liz Whittemore

Staff Writer

On your way back to your zombie-proof fortress, did you stop for a cupcake?

The Zombie Defense council Zombake Sale photo by Cody Kimball

Were you surprised to find a cupcake hiding underneath those brains? Perhaps if you dug down, you found that hiding underneath that frosting formed cemetery was just a brownie.

Shaking off the chains from their new club probation period, Zombie Defense the council hosted their zombie-themed bake sale Wednesday, Oct. 27 on the first floor of the Main Building. None of the bake sale goods were bought in stores; instead they were home-made and donated by the members of the club.

This event took place mainly just to raise awareness of the club. Up until now news about the club has mainly just been passed around by word of mouth.

The Zombie Defense Council intends to donate the sale’s proceeds to charity. Douglas Johnson, one of the ZDC members who helped staff the bake sale commented, “It’s nice to give back to the community and help out whenever we can.”

The group decided to split the proceeds between the Blue Water Area Humane Society, the Child’s Play charity, and a local soup kitchen.

The bake sale is not the only event the ZDC held. The Zombie Defense Council is associated with the Zombie Walk, which raised awareness of the call to raise food for those who truly need it.

The ZDC is also hosts the Zombiethon, a zombie movie marathon with refreshments.