/Banned book bull

Banned book bull

Banned book bull

Lauren Creech

Staff Writer

You’re in your own world. Wizards on brooms surround you. You almost have the snitch! It is in your grasp! Then the book slams shut and your world is banned forever.

Banning Harry Potter is bull. All of the books paint a creative picture. These books give kids a reason to read under their blankets with a flashlight, and let adults pretend they are purchasing the books for their kids.

Aside from J.K. Rowling’s creative writing is her consistent expression of the importance of friends, dedication to school and a need to conquer fears.

Harry is never alone. The witty Hermione and sarcastic Ron are always by his side. Rowling treats Harry’s bond with Ron and Hermione like a team; without one, the whole cannot function. Without his two friends, Harry Potter would not be who he is. The books would not be a success. They work together to fight their enemies. They have a friendship that most people only hope to have in their lifetime.

Harry is all about magic. Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry immediately altered his life. He feels as if Hogwarts is his real home. Although his school is immensely different from any school in St. Clair County, he is repulsed by the thought of leaving. He is dedicated to anything magic. Once he found what he is meant to be, there was no stopping him.

Harry has transformed from a shy, nervous wizard to a confident, outspoken one all because of Hogwart’s. Draco Malfoy tries to destroy Harry’s fame and confidence. After a few encounters, Harry stands up for himself. He tells Malfoy off. In every book he is forced to face the murderer of his parents, Voldemort. Harry is always scared, but he does not back down. He is always strong.

If the only issue with these books is the possible conflict with religious views, there is no issue. Religion should be discussed at home, not in schools. Religion is not consistent with every person. Harry Potter does not alter religious views just because it discusses the use of magic. If it does, maybe you have been in the wrong religious practice to begin with. Either way, every person has the right to believe what they choose.

Depriving anyone of Harry Potter is a mistake. The books are interesting, captivating and a positively page-turning adventure.