/A new dimension of hilarity

A new dimension of hilarity

Liz Whittemore

Staff Writer

Jackass 3D” is in-your-face funny.

As always, the Jackass movies start with some sort of explosion, ends with even more explosions, and includes much side-tearing laughter and vomiting in between. “Jackass 3D” does not disappoint previous “Jackass” movie lovers.

The cast is true to form with laugh-inducing stunts. The film has plenty of those moments where you have to close your eyes and plug your ears, or you’ll be sick as well.

If you thought there was nothing else they could do that would surprise you, you would be wrong. Stunts from “Rocky,” running around a hotel room pretending to be a crazed gorilla, playing tetherball with a beehive, to even making a homemade rollercoaster: the “port-a-john slingshot.” They are both hilarious as well as disgusting, but are still entertaining and worth the ticket price.

Jackass 3D” is rated R and rightfully so. The language is not a large issue but there a few scenes where you would not want your children to witness. Some of the stunts are also not suitable for those who are easily sickened by gross acts.

The movie was worth the years of waiting since “Jackass 2,” and the 3D aspect of the newest installment certainly enhances the movie’s effects, though it is not appreciated during the gross skits.

If you did not like the previous two movies, you will not like the third.

But if you are out and feel like seeing a comedy, “Jackass 3D” would be an excellent choice to spend your movie going experience.