Writing Center Reaps Harvest

Writing Center Reaps Harvest

Rachael Krafft
Staff Writer

Thesis statement, analyst, citations and research paper. The torture has begun.

Instructors are handing out those dreaded, hair-pulling assignments that give procrastinators nightmares. Never fear. The Writing Center is now here.
The Writing center is in the Main Building in room 117, and the connecting computer lab in room 115 is available for those who do not have a personal computer. The writing center is the “love child” of Suzanne O’Brien and Susan Plachta, who have worked on opening its doors for nearly a year.
The Writing Center offers one on one tutoring to those who have any type of writing assignment.
“It is not a laundering service,” explained O’Brien. “You cannot drop off a paper, come back in an hour and get handed you paper edited, revised and written for you.”
Instead students can come into the center and get a consultation.   Students will be guided through the steps of the writing process. These steps include brainstorming, developing a thesis, research, proper citation, drafting and revision.  Even simple computer navigation is offered.
Mick Goode is one of the writing consultants. Goode says that he was out of the education system for nearly twenty years. A displacement of the company he was employed with caused him to seek help from MI Works, a familiar story here at SC4. He said he is happy to help others who are struggling with the transition into the new generation of education.
“The writing center is a great place for those out of touch with the skills they learned years ago, as much as it is a great place for fresh students who have not yet learned the ropes,” explained Goode.
Goode is one of the consultants paid through the work study program. The consultants are trained through classroom observations, readings, and research.
Goode, along with Rachael Krafft, is among SC4’s Writing Center’s first consultants.  “These two are in it from the ground up,” said O’Brien.
The “Sues” joke that these two consultants “are going to be ran through a maze blindfolded with trails of cheese as a gild to the end.” Just as the consultants are learning to be consultants, O’Brien and Plachta are learning how to train consultants.
If the first year goes well, the Writing Center will become part of campus life for good.

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