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Thou once more

Liz Whittemore

Staff Writer

“You Again” is hilariously heartwarming.

Touchstone Pictures puts forth a compelling comedy that gives the audience a film with plenty of chick fights, fierce rivalries, and ample opportunities to put your hands over your eyes and say, “Oh no, I can’t believe they just did that.”

The movie starts with the main character Marni Olsen (Kristen Bell, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) giving a glimpse into her difficult life in high school.

You Again property of Touchstone Pictures

Joanna (Odette Yustman, “The Unborn”) is Marni’s tormentor during her high school years. After graduation and moving away to become a successful public relations worker, Marni has put her past behind her.

On her way home to attend her Brother Will’s (James Wolk, “Lone Star”) wedding, Marni finds out the bride is none other than her former high school nemesis Joanna. Joanna pretends not to remember Marni, refuses to give the apology to Marni that she desperately wants to hear, and with that the rivalry between them comes back with a vengeance.

The plot thickens all the more when Joanna introduces her Aunt Ramona (Sigourney Weaver, “Avatar”) to the Olsen family and Marni’s mother Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis, “Freaky Friday”) identifies Ramona as her own rival from high school.

Gail and Ramona’s competition comes to a peak at the wedding’s rehearsal dinner, as well as Marni’s ruthless mission to save her brother from his evil fiancé.

After the ruined dinner, the movie becomes somewhat predicable about the outcome, but with plenty of twists.

Overall “You Again” is an excellent movie, but the intended audience is aimed more toward females. The male characters of “You Again” are more of background characters and don’t add much to the plot.  Either way, “You Again” is a good choice if you want to see a movie where you get good laughs from female rivalry.