/Leader of SC4

Leader of SC4

Rachael Krafft

Staff writer

Jim Leader, a former foreign student advisor of SC4, remembers 1of the 8 cousins from Qatar who never showed up to class. After weeks of being a no show, Leader would tell other students if they saw the student to tell him “to get his butt to class or the embassy would be notified.”

Later, a girl showed up in Leader’s office, claiming to be the young man’s girlfriend. She was sent over to take care of the situation. Leader says that he told her “to tell him that he needs to get in to take care of it himself or his butt was headed back home.” The young man still never came into see his advisor.

This past winter Leader received a phone call from a much older gentleman apologizing for his behavior, and soon after, watches arrived for him and his wife made in platinum, with Arabic engravings.