/From cracked shells to barred cells

From cracked shells to barred cells

From cracked shells to barred cells

Twana Pinskey


A dozen eggs can cost you more than you think, if you’re caught throwing them on Devil’s Night.

According to www.livescience.com, Halloween antics before the twentieth century occurred on Oct. 31. These early pranks included tipping over outhouses, unhinging farmer’s gates and throwing eggs.

Livescience.com explained that other forms of vandalism exhibited by pranksters included “Cabbage Night” in the northeast United States; “Gate Night” in the Midwest, which consisted of leaving gates open on farms and allowing animals to roam free; and “Doormat Night” in Quebec, Canada (taking one door mat and switching it with a neighbors,)

Illustration by Zachary Penzien

According to www.time.com, Devil’s Night Detroit in 1984 resulted in 800 fires that lead to an Oct 30 curfew still in existence today.

For those in and around our communities looking for ways to help keep their neighborhoods safe, www.ehow.com offers the following tips.

  • Participate in neighborhood watches
  • Keep your lights on
  • Keep your eyes out for youth out after curfew.
  • Encourage youth and parents to get involved in community Halloween parties and area events.

There are multiple events going on that offer positive ways to celebrate. Some area happenings the weekend of Oct 30 and 31 include:

  • Blake’s haunted hayride and 3-story haunted house. Call 586-784-9710 for further information.
  • Halloween Havoc, 7:30 Mcmorran Place, Oct. 30th. Call 586-634-0536 for information.
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show, also at Mcmorran Oct. 30th 8pm. Call (810) 985-6166 or contact Mcmorran.com‎ for information.
  • Robot Zoo at Port Huron Museum Oct 11-Oct.31, 2010. Further information obtained by calling 810-982-0891 or visiting www.phmuseum.org.

Scream Depot Thomas Edison Museum Oct.28-Oct. 30, 2010.Call 810-982-0891 for information