/Caught in the web: an Internet Halloween

Caught in the web: an Internet Halloween

Caught in the web: an Internet Halloween

Brian Johnston

Guest Writer

Halloween always brings chills and thrills on television, in the multiplex and even in humble college newspapers.

But for those seeking a thrill from the comfort of their own desks, the Internet has a lot to offer the average cubicle jockey.  Sure, you could just find some random Halloween-related website.  But wouldn’t you rather be entertained by people who “get” the holiday?

Pop-culture site I-Mockery.com tends to celebrate Halloween as early as it can get away with, even going so far as to advertise “two months of Halloween.”  I-Mockery chronicles everything from classic horror films to the latest in today’s Halloween trends.

Of particular note is the “Select Your Destiny” series. These games, similar to the gamebooks of yesteryear, allow the reader to select different actions for the player to take.  The I-Mockery adventures are filled with inappropriate humor, pop-culture references, satire, and just plain fun.

Not to be outdone, online Flash portal site Newgrounds.com also jumps into the Halloween fray with user-submitted games and animations.

The Newgrounds Halloween 2010 portal is even offering a cash prize for the best movie and game submissions, with $1000 for the best movie and $250 for the best game.

Last year’s Newgrounds Halloween collection brought such classics as “The Charlie Brown Murders” and “My Favourite Fear.”

Both sites contain material not suitable for young audiences, but are hilarious.