Student to Attend National Journalist Convention

Student to Attend National Journalist Convention

Daniel Pettee

Staff Writer

Twana Pinskey has been accepted as a photojournalism intern for the Working Press.

Pinskey will attend the Society of Professional Journalists National Convention and the National Journalist Convention at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 2-6 on behalf of the Working Press.

Pinskey is one of only 12 students to be selected nationwide to attend the conference and one of only two from Michigan. Pinskey is the only student selected from a community college in Michigan and one of only two in the country currently attending a community college.  Twana also has the honor of being the only photojournalist selected from this state.

Twana Pinskey snaps photos with her DSLR Photo By Daniel Pettee

Initially, Pinskey was shocked that she was selected to attend the convention.  As time passed her excitement grew.  Of her selection Twana says, “It proves that community college students can and do compete with students from big universities.”

Twana studied photojournalism at SC4.  In the fall 2009 and winter 2010 semesters she was the photo editor for the Erie Square Gazette.  This semester Pinskey was promoted to editor-in-chief.

Two of Twana’s photographs were printed in Patterns 2009 magazine for Selection of Merit.  The first was titled Love 2009.  The second was titled Fog on the Line.

While many see photojournalism merely as a method of reporting news Twana became interested in photojournalism because she saw the art and the beauty in it.  Pinskey credits Mark Rummel, SC4’s photography and photojournalism instructor, with encouraging her love of photography and John Lusk, the faculty advisor for the Erie Square Gazette, for reawakening her love of writing.

Twana is the current Editor in Chief of the Erie Square Gazette Photo by Daniel Pettee

Twana is the current Editor in Chief of the Erie Square Gazette Photo by Daniel Pettee

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity… a great honor for a student from SC4 to attend [the national convention].” said Rummel.

Twana, 52, is a resident of Port Huron.  She graduated from Richmond High School in 1976.  Ms. Pinskey has three children and five grandchildren.

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