/Now that’s what I call “service”

Now that’s what I call “service”

Now  that’s what I call “Service”

Cody Kimball


It’s the middle of September, in Michigan, and it is down pouring. Bob Kroll, SC4 adjunct teacher, Douglas Johnson, SC4 student, and I are driving to the local Halloween costume outlets to determine what we can get for upcoming Zombie Defense Council events.

Left to Right: Eddie Jemison, Robert Kroll, and Douglas Johnson at the scene of the accident. Photo by Cody Kimball

We stop at the traffic light where 10th avenue intersects with Pine Grove in Port Huron, and are rear ended by an SUV. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

I drove the car off into the nearest  parking lot and Bob notified the police of the predicament as I try to calm down and look over the damage; just a dented up bumper, still drivable so no complaints.

We patiently wait as we witness 3 police cars drive past us, none of whom head to our location.

30 minutes into waiting for the Police to arrive, and many jokes about the situation later, Bob called Jimmy Johns and asked if they would deliver to the scene of an accident. To our astonishment, they said they would.

10 more minutes of waiting and we call the police again, to ask if they had forgotten about us.

The 911 operator seemed concerned that they officer had yet to arrive, and said that she would send them our direction immediately.

The game now became, who would arrive first, Jimmy Johns or the law enforcement.

SC4 student Eddie Jemison, delivering for Jimmy Johns beat the police department to us, food in hand, by 3 minutes.

Thumbs-up Eddie.

Now that’s what I call service.

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