/Like the movies, but hate the concession prices?

Like the movies, but hate the concession prices?

Like the movies, but hate the concession prices?

Lauren Creech

Staff Writer

Are you a fan of Birchwood Cinemas or Krafft 8? Are the concession stand prices putting a hole in your pocket? There are ways to fill your appetite without starving your wallet.

Popcorn Illustration by Jenny Walker

Krafft 8 allows anyone to receive a frequent moviegoer card. With this card you receive one point for every ticket bought that is over $3. These points can be used to redeem free concession items at their concession stand. If you don’t have enough points, don’t worry. Hand your card to the staff member and you will instantly receive a discount on popcorn combos every time you go. For example, a large popcorn combo normally costing around $9 will be $3.75 plus tax. Sign up for a frequent moviegoer card at the Goodrich Quality Theaters’ website.

Birchwood Cinemas has a bucket available for $10 that you can bring back every time you go to their theater. Their charge to refill the bucket is $2.50. Their most valuable combo is their couple’s combo consisting of two large drinks and large popcorn for $13.

You won’t waste nearly as much money at the movies if you choose one of these options. Look for ways to save. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The staff is happy to help and you’ll have more money in your pocket.