/Fifth time is the charm

Fifth time is the charm

Fifth time is the charm

Robert Kroll

Guest Writer

As a former student and current instructor here at SC4 I have spent my share of time in the Port Huron area. I still go to many of the same places now as I did when I was a student and I am always curious about why I can’t find a parking spot.

I have also maintained a healthy fascination/confusion in the McMorran arena and their seeming lack of knowledge about giving the people what they want.

Among many things, I am stumped at the arrival of the most recent hockey team at the arena. I have always heard that Port Huron is a “hockey town.” I have always found this hard to believe though because this is now the fifth hockey team that McMorran has hosted since 2000. I’m not sure what qualifies a town as a “hockey town,” but I’d like to think a team’s longevity would be a factor.

Aside from hockey, I feel that McMorran is a great place to see a live show. I am very excited for the “Rocky Horror Show” coming up at the end of the month and loved seeing Third Eye Blind back in March. They aren’t exactly one of my favorite bands, but it was great to see something like that in Port Huron.

I know that the Third Eye Blind show had issues in regards to promotion and attendance. I was sad to see that the arena wasn’t as packed as it could be. At the same time, I wasn’t surprised in the slightest. If the people who run the arena can’t maintain a hockey team, how can they promote a concert?

The problem with events at McMorran appear to be that they think they know what the people want and expect them to come.

What about just giving the people what they want?

Looking through old issues of the Erie Square Gazette years ago I came across old stories of how Kiss, Rush, and Aerosmith had played at McMorran. These issues dated back to the 70s when all of these bands were on the verge of becoming some of the most popular music acts of their time.

Reasonably speaking though, McMorran probably can’t book any of those bands now. Sure they might be able to play an “intimate” show there, but those bands usually play at venues that hold over 15,000 people.

What McMorran does have though is the ability to start getting acts that are on the verge of breaking through, again.  It would be wise to start looking into acts that play at the Fillmore or Fox Theatres in Detroit. Shows frequently sell well in those venues and they are easily twice the capacity of McMorran. There should not be anything that can stop McMorran from having the kind of booking power of those venues.

I don’t know what to say about sporting events though. I have little to no knowledge about sports. If Port Huron is indeed a “hockey town,” it may need more than just a team and a few public relations events to spark interest.

With the “Rocky Horror Show” and the other sports teams coming for this season, McMorran has a good chance of giving the people what they want and one less thing for me to be confused about.

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