/Local News: Gunman in custody

Local News: Gunman in custody

Cody Kimball


A gunman barricaded himself in a residence on the corner of 12th and Wall Streets in Port Huron today, just over half a mile from the SC4 Campus.

The situation resulted in a lock-down of 3 Port Huron schools for several hours.

Terry Roles, a third-grade teacher at Woodrow Wilson elementary school, was among those affected by the lock-down.

Responders stand by during the standoff. Photos provided by Thomas Grambau

“I’ve worked at that school for years and have never had to do a lock-down” said Roles, upon being released nearly an hour past the typical school day’s end.

Teachers were informed to place the school in a lock-down due to an outside threat, a procedure which includes such precautions such as blocking out windows, and keeping the students indoors until it was considered safe to be released. Students were still able to be taken home by their parents.

According to Sergent Wesch of the Port Huron Police Department, the lock-down was a safety measure to keep children walking home from school from entering the situation.

“The safest place to keep them was at the schools.” said Wesch.

According to Wesch there were over 100 people already in the surrounding area during the standoff, which lasted six hours, watching it unfold.

Thomas Grambau, 18 an SC4 student who lives on 13th Street, three blocks south of the incident, was among the onlookers. “I didn’t know what was going on, so I walked down because I thought it was a car accident and I wanted to see it.” said Grambau “Well I got there and I saw police suited up in riot gear.”

Grambau went on to take photographs of the action.

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Word had spread that there was a hostage involved, a female, but according to Wesch she had gone by the time he had arrived.

The Port Huron and St. Clair County Special Response Teams responded to the situation, with special weapons and an armored vehicle. Standard emergency response personnel were also on the scene. A helicopter, identified as a news helicopter was also seen circling in the skies above.

The suspect, who remains unidentified, was apprehended after several hours, and according to Wesch, had minor injuries, mainly nicks and bruises.

The suspect is currently in police custody.