/Baseball, turkey legs and apple dumplings?

Baseball, turkey legs and apple dumplings?

Baseball, turkey legs and apple dumplings?

Twana Pinskey


The American classics, baseball, hotdogs and apple pie have given way to SC4 men’s baseball players selling turkey legs and apple dumplings to raise funds for a spring break trip to Florida and a trip to Kentucky, Oct. 8 through Oct. 10.

SC4’s Assistant Baseball Coach Larry “Coach Mo” Mousurak, Fort Gratiot, cooks chicken Sept. 11. Photo by Twana Pinskey

According to the Michigan Renaissance Festival’s website, the festival is best known for their full-contact jousting events. Festival attendees such as Mark Benka, 45 of Sterling Heights, come as much for the food as they do the entertainment. “The kids love the turkey legs” said Benka.

Weekends since Aug. 21, and continuing through Oct. 3, the players, coaches and family members of the SC4 men’s baseball team work at the Michigan Renaissance Festival Concessions, selling food to raise money for Spring break and exhibition games.

According to Head Coach, Denny Dwyer, the players have worked from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every weekend since Aug. 21, including the three day Labor Day weekend.

“They amaze me. They work so hard;” said Dwyer. He explained there are days the players put in12 hour shifts at the festival. Dwyer explained the extra earnings will pay for items on road trips, such as costs for outside practices.

Crowds lined up to place orders for turkey legs and apple dumplings prepared by SC4 men’s baseball players, Sept. 11. Photo by Twana Pinskey

SC4 baseball coach, Larry Mosurak, supports the players by volunteering his time to grill chicken at the festival. “As coaches, we jump around and fill in to help be sure they get breaks;” said Mosurak. “Coach Mo” as he is known to his players, explained they are there to guide the players through the process of what comes with a job. “I wish there were other ways to do this;” replied Mosurak. He explained the players have worked 7 weekends in a row, three of which are three day weekends. He said if you add to that practice, school and family responsibilities, it is a lot.” It really pays off;” said Mosurak.

“I think it is cool. Whatever they have to do to raise the money is ok by me;” said Mark Benka. Benka supported the students’ efforts, explaining it was good to see young people working to achieve a goal.