Abandon routine, all ye who enter here

Abandon routine, all ye who enter here

Jenny Walker

Photo Editor

In Holly Michigan, the Renaissance Festival has been entertaining crowds for more than 30 years. Upon entering the gate, one steps back in time, to the 16th century, were gallant knights fought in arena jousting matches to defend their honor. Spectators walk amongst commoners, but if they wish to join royalty they can have high tea with Queen Elizabeth I for $15 or a full dinner with entertainment for $70. As participants walk the paths lined with merchants selling unique wares, they are given an opportunity to purchase from talented artisans demonstrating their work on renaissance clothing, leather goods, unusual jewelry and beautiful glassware.

Caroline Jett as Queen Elizabeth I at the Renaissance Festival Sept. 11 in Holly, Michigan.

Caroline Jett as Queen Elizabeth I at the Renaissance Festival Sept. 11 in Holly, Michigan. Photo by Jenny Walker

One must come hungry for the fresh baked goods, bread bowl soups, apple dumplings, grilled chicken and of course their famous turkey legs; cooked on an open flame.

Festival goers are surrounded by entertainment for all ages, such as belly dancers, musicians, sword fighters and Ded Bob, but don’t forget the very funny Washing Well Wenches. There are human    powered rides and a Children’s Realm with a playscape castle that includes numerous free activities for the younger crowd. If you are looking for something new to do with family or friends this weekend, the Renaissance Festival is the place to be. Come rain or shine the show will go on. The festival is now open until Oct. 3, 2010. Be sure to dress up in your favorite medieval costume and join the excitement at the Renaissances Festival, off Dixie Highway in Holly, MI, or check them on the web at www.michrenfest.com.

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