/ZDC rises with the dead

ZDC rises with the dead

Ray Robinson

Managing Editor

   SC4’s Zombie Defense Council is having an “orientation screening” of the George A. Romero horror classic “Night of the Living Dead” in an effort to raise funds to defend the world from the uprising of the undead.

   The event is taking place in room 201 on the second floor of SC4’s Clara E. Mackenzie building from 7-10 p.m. on Friday, April 16 and the cost is “a measly $5” and popcorn is included.

   Future orientation screening titles may include “King of the Zombies,” “Revolt of the Zombies,” “White Zombie,” and other titles could be brought up in the future

   The Zombie Defense Council’s Prime Minister Cody Kimball and Advisor Overlord Robert Kroll hope that these events will raise money so that they will be able to hold “bigger and better” events in the future.

   Planned events for the future include a campus wide capture the flag competition during stress breaker week.

   The Zombie Defense Council is looking to produce instructional DVD’s to help aid the general public in their survival of  the overrun world of undead.

   If forced to renegade tactics in efforts to survive every possible scenario of zombie death and mayhem, ZDC hopes to aid those in need.

   If anyone is interested in joining this cause or learning more about the ZDC’s mission, you can contact Bob Kroll at rgkroll@sc4.edu