/Who’s your new tiger?

Who’s your new tiger?

Thomas Pregano

Business/Advertising Manager

   Hey Tigers’ fans, it’s time for another exciting season of Tigers’ baseball. The Detroit Tigers opened their 2010 season with an impressive come from behind win, Monday, April 5 against the Kansas City Royals.

   With all the panic about losing Curtis Granderson, Tigers’ fans fail to recognize the talent we now have. For instance Johnny Damon who was instrumental in the big six run seventh inning, along with Austin Jackson who was a part of the three team deal involving Granderson.

   Also coming over in the trade, Jose Valverde from the Houston Astros, Phil Coke from the Yankees and Scott Sizemore from the Angels.

   The Tigers sent Granderson to the Yankees, Edwin Jackson to the Diamondbacks and Fernando Rodney to the Angels to complete the deal.

   Valverde is already paying dividends closing out the game in a non save situation in the bottom of the ninth. Valverde proved to be a good pick up for the Tigers; after a leg injury he converted all of his 19 chances for saves.

   He converts 87% of his saves which puts him in around the top closers in the game with names like Rivera, Papelbon, Nathan and Rodriguez at around 90%.

   So there you go Tigers’ fans. With come from behind sprit like in the opener and the new guys contributing, don’t worry about the Tigers this year. They will be there when it counts.