/Valleys Climbs Mountains

Valleys Climbs Mountains

“Valleys of Neptune” © Sony Music Entertainment
“Valleys of Neptune” © Sony Music Entertainment

Raymond Robinson

Managing Editor

To have the ability to say an artist is still able to please their fan base after being dead for over 40 years is amazing.

Jimi Hendrix’s “Valley’s of Neptune” brings from the vault a stellar package of songs, some alternate versions of old favorites & others never before commercially available.

The title track is maybe the most surprising of the entire group fusing all of the elements that Jimi has become so universally known for such as combining his unique blend of cords with styles of blues, jazz and rock.

“Valleys of Neptune” succeeds in showing that Hendrix hadn’t yet hit his creative peak at the time of his death and makes one wonder what surprises were left in this god of rock.

One gem on “Valleys of Neptune” is Jimi’s interpretation of Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love.”

Most often when musicians cover other artists music you hear most of the same melody but, with Jimi’s interpretation he takes the Eric Clapton riff to a different place entirely as well as making it mostly instrumental which brings a new atmosphere to the well known classic.

Depending on where you purchase “Valley’s of Neptune” you can either get a shirt with the album cover artwork on it, or you can get two more tracks, so it’s up to the purchaser.

Jimi Hendrix is one of music’s iconic legends who continue to be cited as influences for many of today’s guitarists and this album succeeds in showing why this is true.

“Valleys of Neptune” would be a good addition to any music fans library and might over time become as relevant as his other iconic releases.

It can be summed up by saying that even if your star burns out, you will never truly fade away.