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Thinking Inside The Box

Photo by Cody Kimball; Carrie Bearss and Kevin Thurston inspect a prototype of the recycling containers during the first day of the construction project.
Photo by Cody Kimball; Carrie Bearss and Kevin Thurston inspect a prototype of the recycling containers during the first day of the construction project.

Cody Kimball

Web Master

   When, you’re finished reading this paper, don’t throw it away, recycle it. Is the nearest recycle bin too far away to bother? Not for long. Soon, permanent recycling receptacles will be all over campus, thanks to a “green” project at SC4.

   The recycle bins, built by students and staff at SC4, are the latest addition in a trend of green additions to the campus.

   “The college has recycled office waste for decades now, since the early ’90’s,” said Bob Hunckler, advisor of the Engineering Club, and a leader of the project. “This is the first time we’ve made it open for the students.”

   Students of all levels of construction experience were invited to participate in the construction of the recycle bins, throughout last week in the Acheson Technology Center.

   Those involved were assigned one of four stations to build various components of the bins, in a sort of assembly line. The materials to build the four components: tops; walls; doors and backs, were pre-cut to be identical sizes to ease construction.

   “Sort of an easy jigsaw puzzle,” as Hunckler put it.

   The receptacles are built out of decking materials, made of recycled plastics. The decking materials are durable, even in the elements, and these boxes are intended to be used indoors. So they are expected to be on campus for years, even decades, to come.

   Each box will have two containers on the inside, separating bottles, such as water and soda bottles, from papers, like unwanted homework, and the print you’re holding now.

   “They’re not for material from your homes, but materials that are on campus: plastic bottles and such,” Hunckler said through his dust mask during the construction of a piece of assembly equipment.

   Even the construction of the containers was done with the environment in mind. Tool boxes and part containers were fashioned out of juice jugs and other recyclable items. “Reuse and then recycle!” Hunckler stated.

   The project was sponsored by the Student Government, and managed by members of the SC4 Green Team, comprised faculty, students and staff, in the interests of promoting an eco-friendly campus environment, and college pride, through a bit of “sweat-equity.”

   On the first day of the project, members of many different student organizations were represented at the construction. Officers of Student Government, like Frank Scarber and Chuck King, (along with the help of his daughter, Cassie King) helped construct doors, walls and tops to the bins.

   Twana Pinskey, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the Zombie Defense Council, and the Erie Square Gazette helped build doors. Students from virtually every club and background were represented in the effort. Even Carrie Bearss, SC4’s Student Activities Coordinator, pitched in, helping the process of building.

   “This is what the college needs to do,” said Hunckler, whose family members, including his daughter Katie, had come to assist with the project. “It’s part of our society now.”

   Upon completion, the recycle bins will be placed in areas to service the entire campus, as another step toward a greener cleaner environment.