/Swanson resigns

Swanson resigns

Patrick Sullivan

Staff Writer

Craig Swanson, sociology instructor, resigned April 19 amid controversy.

Talk of his termination compelled numerous students to sign petitions, and several to speak out during the community comments section of a recent SC4 board of trustees meeting.

The student comments section of the trustee meetings allow any member of the community to speak for three minutes directly to the board.

Swanson states he “extends heartfelt thanks to students that rallied on my behalf. It lifted me up big time.” But there are “no hard feelings” to SC4 and its faculty.

Swanson’s employment was originally on a two year, temporary basis, and he was scheduled for termination at the end of the winter semester.

He originally pushed, along with some students, for a renewal of his employment. He has apparently reconsidered, and has tendered his resignation. He says he will “try to find a better fit” and “expand his career” after leaving the school.

Swanson stated, “I would hope they (my students) continue to think deeply and critically about the world around them.”

Dr. Kevin Pollock, President of SC4, couldn’t comment on the situation, due to it being a faculty issue. The students that spoke out during the meeting were mostly for Swanson’s continued employment at SC4, but both sides offered strong words.

“I truly felt I learned more in two classes than twelve years of high school,” said Alex Kramer, a senior at Port Huron Northern High School, duel enrolled at SC4. Kramer added he was “very surprised” at Swanson’s status.

Kristen Blake, a student of Swanson’s for both sociology and anthropology, said he was “very respectful,” and “Craig was someone who made me see beyond what I was learning, and apply it to the world around me.”

Not all the student turnout was positive, however. Mark Cunningham said he had a “screaming match” with Swanson, though he never had his class. Cunningham’s fiancé had Swanson’s class, and Mark confronted him after an in class argument between her and Swanson.

Other students disagree. Kristen Blake said she was “never” offended by Swanson. She also added that he was someone that encouraged open minds in his students.