/Skippers sail over Kirtland Firebirds

Skippers sail over Kirtland Firebirds

Staff Writer

Savannah Wilcox

   The SC4 boys smeared Kirtland Community College with a 71-51 win on Sat., Feb. 6. The boys worked toward a victory, starting the game off with a defensive mindset.

   “We were worried about their height,” Coach Dale Vos said. “(Kirtland) had two guys that were 6’9” and I thought we did very well defensively against them. We definitely did our best to shut those two down.”

   Although somewhat outsized, SC4 held their ground on Saturday and proved their defensive skill.

   Although the Firebirds had height, they lacked the defense to stop the Skippers before time ran out. The Skippers trampled Kirtland, from the start through the entire game.

   Although SC4 only lead by eight points at the half (29-21), they continued to extend their lead with a powerful offensive second half. The Skippers offense proved to be too much for the Firebirds, who could just not answer to the considerable lead.

   Kieon Arkwright drilled 15 points and also pulled down four rebounds. Jake Stark added seven points and eight rebounds for the Skippers.

   Kirtland’s high scorer, Dmitry Martynenko from Russia, scored 28 points and grabbed eight rebounds for the Firebirds.

   “Our offense was better in the second half than in the first half of the game, but we worked hard through the entire game,” said Coach Dale Vos.

   The Skippers are 10-2 in the Conference (MCCAA) and 20-4 overall. Their last home game is on Sat., Feb. 20 against Mott Community College.

   Tip-off is at 7:30 p.m. Don’t forget to cheer on our boys at their last home game for the season.