/Skippers breaking apart

Skippers breaking apart

Aaron Tomlinson

Copy Editor

Crutches, athletic tape and ice packs plague the Skippers’ dugout this season. Injuries have haunted the Skippers’ baseball team since the dawn of the 2010 season.

In any sport, winning matters. Above all the hoopla of “playing as a team” and “giving your best,” winning is what other teams, coaches, players and even scouts see.

The Skippers now have a total of seven players out with season-ending injuries. Three are pitchers for SC4. Like any baseball team, losing pitchers could be the worst for the team and the player.

Keep in mind also, readers: these are young adults. Professionals would call them kids. Serious injuries requiring surgery can be fatal for a young player’s career.

Anthony Ingle, freshman infielder and pitcher from Port Huron, is one of the seven injured this season.

“The injury happened in Florida while we were playing Miami Dade College,” said Ingle. “When I dropped down to slide, my left foot didn’t come out of the ground and it rotated counter-clockwise around 180 degrees. My foot was facing completely backwards of the way it should.

“I fractured five different bones including my fibula and third, fourth and fifth metatarsals. I was in the hospital from the March 10-14, and March 13 was my birthday.”

Injuries like this have affected the team from the start of the season.

“A lot of arms are gone in the starting rotation,” said Chris Crimmins, freshman from Port Huron. “The team is doing whatever we can do to get through the injuries.”

America’s pastime may take a toll on the SC4 players, especially when every game played is a double-header.

“Kids are playing hurt every game,” said freshman Eric Harrington. “Right now I am playing on a sprained ankle.”

The team has a 1-13 Michigan Community College Athletic Association record and is 9-21 overall. Their only conference win was a 3-0 shutout against Mott Community College.

In order for the Skippers to turn it around, they must stay healthy for the remainder of the season.