/SC4 plan may fix parking

SC4 plan may fix parking

Patrick Sullivan

Staff Writer

   Listen to anyone on campus, and you’ll hear the biggest problem at SC4 is the parking. We all gripe about it, and with good reason.

   It can be downright impossible to find a space within easy walking distance to a class. This is no doubt to record enrollment, and an easy fix is hard to come by. SC4 has plans in place that just might solve our problems, and it will be implemented soon.

   Starting fall semester, SC4 will enact a pilot program to allow students, faculty and staff to park in the north McMorran Place parking lot, free of charge, during busy hours; Monday through Thursday, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., and possibly longer depending on McMorran staff. This will only cover the North lot, which has a capacity of 350 cars, and not the South lot.

   The program will be tested, and finally decided on during fall semester. The program itself was presented and voted on by SC4 Trustees. SC4 will lease the North lot during free hours to allow parking.

   Student reaction has, of course, been positive, but some aren’t sure that the program presents a long term solution.

   “It’s about time,” said Andrea Savage, a single mother of four and plans to complete SC4’s nursing program. “It will cover it sufficiently for now, but something long term will need to be done.”

   “It’s great,” says Jeremy Durham, an SC4 student. “It will pretty much cover it.”

   With student opinion split, it is unsure whether more steps will be necessary to accommodate SC4 students’ parking needs.