/Reflections of India at SC4

Reflections of India at SC4

Twana Pinskey

Photo Editor

   “Reflections of India,” the latest in SC4’s “Thursday at noon” concert series provided listeners with classical, Hindustani music, on April 1 at the Fine Arts auditorium in Port Huron.

   During the concert, sitarist Brock Dale of Toronto and Tabalist, Nicholas McKinlay, also of Toronto, performed selections from Bhairav, Kafi, Purvi, Malkauns, Bilawal and Manji Khamaj.

   Dale and McKinlay auditioned to be a part of the “Thursday at noon” series in an unusual way.

   “They had no CD’s of their music for use to audition with, so I listened to them on the phone,” said concert host Lillian Maley.

   Brock Dale was not seated in the usual position for a musician playing a sitar.

According to Dale, he was recovering from tail bone surgery, three days before performing at SC4. This made it difficult for him to perform at a traditional stance.

   Eastern hemisphere music, however, was not always embedded into Dale’s life.

   “I began as a student of western classical music and rock and roll, with jazz and blues thrown in as well,” said Dale. According to Dale, his mentor loaned him her sitar for a year. “I grew by leaps and bounds that year. I played every day,” he said.

   Dale said his life changing moment came when he saw sitarist, Ravi Shankar, perform. “He (Shankar) was 87 years old when I saw him perform with his daughter,” replied Dale.

   “I thought it (concert) was very relaxing and interesting,” said 18 year old Cody Kimball.

 Kimball, broadcasting major and an SC4 student ambassador, would like to see more of these types of events in the future.

   “It was nice to see a multi-cultural experience like this at SC4,” said Kimball.

   The next “Thursday at Noon” concert presentation scheduled is “Tapestry.” It will be performed on April 15 at the Fine Arts Theatre in Port Huron.