/Pollock passes with flying colors

Pollock passes with flying colors

Brian Johnston

Editor in Chief

   The first-year evaluation meeting of Dr. Kevin Pollock took place at the SC4 Board of Trustees meeting Thursday April 15, where Dr. Pollock was met with a glowing assessment.

   Dr. Kevin A. Pollock first came to SC4 as President in April 2009, after a nine-year term as Vice President of Student Services at West Shore Community College in Scottville, Michigan. Now beginning his second year of service at SC4, the board first needed to evaluate his performance for the first year.

   “I would not want a job where I had seven bosses,” said board chair Jon Adair. “And I think Kevin does a good job at understanding the connection of all seven bosses.”

   Adair continued, “I think that over the year, Kevin has dove into it, not only in title but in person.”

   The board adopted a grading system based on several categories, including Strategic Leadership and Internal Relationships. The board found Pollock satisfactory in all fronts, stating that Dr. Pollock has been, “a pleasure” to work with.

   “I think he’s been collegial,” said Nicolas DeGrazia, “and has worked extremely well with folks within in the organization.”

   “In the first year, he’s done more than I’ve expected out of a president. I’m very happy,” said Dianna Maxwell. “I think that he’s viewed by the community as a key resource.”

   Very few, if any, complaints were raised about Pollock’s performance in the past year. DeGrazia perhaps offered the strongest criticism: “Work on your golf game.”

   Dr. Pollock was given the option to have his evaluation held privately, but opted to have it held publically. “I’d like to keep it open,” said Pollock.