/Officers elected for SC4 Government

Officers elected for SC4 Government

Savannah Wilcox

Staff writer

   After all the candy and campaigning was over, SC4 students elected new officers for Student Government on Wednesday, April 7 and Thursday, April 8, to represent our student body.

   “I am very happy with the turnout,” Student Activities Coordinator, Carrie Bearss said. “We had multiple people running for different positions, and we also had an amazing voter turnout as well. Overall I think it was a successful turnout for SC4.”

   Starting in the spring semester, Chuck King, Rachel Kobylas and Kaitlyn Graw are the new representatives for the students at SC4. King will be pursuing his second year in the student government.

   For the 2009-10 year, King held the role of Vice President, but this spring he will have climbed the pyramid to the top as he obtains the role of Student Government President, replacing Dan Wiley.

   King also spends time at the radio station here on campus (WSGR FM 91.3) as the Assistant Program Director as well as participating in the Lambda Mu Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society here at SC4. Running against King were Michael Aleck, Jonathan Lucas, and Steven Rappolee.

   Working at Chuck King’s former position is Rachel Kobylas as Vice President. Kobylas not only is a part of the Student Government, but she also writes for the Erie Square Gazette. Rachel is a graduate from Brown City High School and will be starting her first term in the school’s “oval office” this spring. Running against Rachel Kobylas were David Fields and Sean Lathrop.

   Kaitlyn Graw will be filling the position as Secretary for the Student Government. Graw has never participated in Student Government at SC4 before but she still managed to pass up her only opponent Michael Owen.

   Graw is a graduate from Port Huron High School and will also be obtaining her first year in Student Government. She will be taking over for former Secretary Paul Prax.

   Our student body did not vote in a person for the position of Treasurer because no student ran for Treasurer. Frank Scarber held the treasury position for the 2009-10 semester at SC4, but will not be returning.

   If anyone is interested in the position, please contact Student Activities Coordinator Carrie Bearss by Friday, August 20. To apply, you must have a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester for the year 2010-11.