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Nothing but net

Aaron Tomlinson

Copy Editor

The SC4 men’s basketball team wins games. Enough said? Well, not quite. The Skippers have been successful for the 2009-10 season and that success has yet to cease.

They cruised through the Michigan Community College Athletics Association this season with a 12-4 Eastern Conference record. They put a final 22-6 record on the season with a close 79-72 victory over Delta College on Friday.

All has seemed uneasy for Skippers’ head coach, Dale Vos, leading up to Tuesday night’s home playoff game against Kirtland.

“We had honestly no clue who we were going to play,” Vos said. “All we knew was where.”

That “where” has been favorable for the home Skippers, allowing for an 11-3 home record.

“Going into this tournament, all we can think is, ‘one more game,’” Vos said. “Just one more game.”

It very well could be some players’ final game. The Skippers have been led by six sophomores this year: Ben Abraham, Memphis; Eric Mack, Jr., Roseville; Kieon Arkwright, Flint; Jake Stark, Richmond; Marquis Lee, Fraser; Devin Kling, Memphis.

The success of this year has almost mirrored last year’s campaign that had the Skippers playing at home against Wayne County. The fifth seeded Wildcats upset the fourth seeded Skippers with a buzzer-beating shot, 67-66.

“That was a great basketball game, but the wrong team won,” Vos said.

In fact, this year’s Wayne County basketball team did not play a game.

This year’s Skippers have earned rankings throughout the campaign as a reward for their timely success. The men were ranked as high as number nine this season.

“I believe the last time we were ranked was 2001,” said Vos. “That was for a week.”

Dale Vos has coached the Skippers since the 1991-92 season. In 2000, Vos gave SC4 its first 20 win season in 25 years. Also Vos was named Community College Coach of the Year in 2000. The Skippers have continued that success under Vos; not having a losing record since 2005.

“This season has been a great year,” Vos reflected. “The kids have enjoyed playing basketball and they have enjoyed each other. They have worked hard all year and it shows. Winning was a big part of it but this group was fun either way.”