/New programs and classes coming to SC4

New programs and classes coming to SC4

Jessica Meneghin

Staff Writer

Coming this fall to SC4 are two new associate’s degrees in alternative energy, one newly-revised degree in alternative energy, and 10 all-new classes.

The two new programs are Renewable and Alternative Energy Technology, which prepares students to work as renewable energy technicians; installing, services, modifying, troubleshooting, and designing wind power systems, solar domestic hot water and space-heating systems, and solar electric systems.

The other is Architectural Design/Green Building, a second-year option within the Alternative Energy Program for those who wish to pursue a career in the architectural green building design field.

Facility and Energy Management is the program that is newly-revised. It is an interdisciplinary program of study that prepares students to work in the growing field of facility and energy management.

Energy conservation and energy efficiency are integrated throughout the curriculum. According to Shawn Starkey, Executive Director of Public Relations, Marketing, and Legislative Affairs at SC4, the curriculum was revamped to add even more alternative energy components to it.

All of these programs, Starkey revealed, come to SC4 on the wings of a grant from the federal government.

“We are a leader in alternative energy,” Starkey said. And with these new programs, on top of the windmills and solar panels and student-built recycling bins that already punctuate SC4’s campus, that would certainly be hard point to argue.

The new classes to be launched this fall include three that are part of the new alternative energy programs. They are AET 100 Electrical Power and Control Circuits I, AET 102 Programmable Logic Controllers, and AET 143 Fluid Power and Control Circuits I.

The other new classes belong to existing programs.

Four of the classes fit with the Architectural Design Program that was launched in the fall of 2009, which encompasses three new architectural design degrees and one architectural design certificate.

The remaining three classes are HIS 195 American Maritime History, BIO 195 History of Science and PE 195/THA 195 Choreography Workshop.

Registration for these and all fall 2010 classes, which begin on August 23, is going on now.