/New look and new hope for Tigers’ fans

New look and new hope for Tigers’ fans

Aaron Tomlinson

Copy Editor

   The Tigers’ roar is louder than ever.

   Opening Day happens Monday, April 5 for the Detroit Tigers. However, some fans may not know whether to roar or cry; with the loss of many key players in the off-season, the team looks different.

   “I’m upset that we got rid of Polanco,” said Drew Settor, sophomore from Smiths Creek. “That was a horrible trade on Detroit’s part. Also Verlander and Zumaya need to have a good season.”

   Verlander started the season for the Tigers, pitching five innings and allowing four runs against the Kansas City Royals. The bullpen took over in the 6th inning, shutting out the Royals.

   “It all looks bad because Polanco and Granderson both had great games,” said Settor.

   Curtis Granderson, adored by Tigers fans, was another player traded in the off-season.

   “I’m fed up with the Tigers,” said freshman Nicole Dambach from Harsens Island. “Granderson was my favorite player and all I cared about.”

   The Tigers will certainly still be selling tickets because they picked up ex-Yankee and ex-Red Sox player, Johnny Damon. Damon went 2-5 with two RBI’s to help the Tigers seal the victory.

   “I like Damon on the team,” said Settor. “I think he brings a great look to the team this year.”

   Not all skepticism and pessimism surrounds the new Tigers’ look this year. Rose Lane, sophomore from St. Clair, took her year-and-a-half old daughter last year and plans on doing it again this year.

   “Last year we took my daughter and it was her first game,” said Lane. “She enjoyed it very much.”

   “I plan on going to two or three games this year,” said Travis Turner, sophomore from Avoca. “We have a shot at first or second in the division this year. Cabrera will be the key player in our run for the division.”

   Cabrera did, in fact, keep the Tigers on the map in 2008 by claiming Detroit’s first homerun crown since 1991; with 37 homers and a career best 127 RBI’s. However, that was not enough to overcome the 74-88 record.

   Questions are brought up over what the Tigers will do this year with what they have, and whether or not they win the American League Central Division. The Tigers have not made the playoffs since their epic World Series run in 2006.

   “I think we will win the division this year,” said Drew Settor. “Coach Jim Leyland knows what he is doing.”