/Let there be light

Let there be light

Rachel Olivia Kobylas

Staff Writer

Dozens of people flocked to a very chilly and very operational Goodells County Park on April 16 and 17. The chill in the air didn’t dampen spirits, nor did it hinder attendance at the event.

Don Gardner, one of the Park Rangers present at the DNR (e)’s display said, “You know it’s cold, when all the officers are fighting to wear the ‘Smokey the Bear’ suit.”

Children happily snapped pictures with “Smokey” and buzzed about petting areas that Tiger Bunny Acres provided.

Many gardening enthusiasts read, purchased and entered to win rain barrels. Families sampled foods from various vendors, while others purchased organic seeds and plants from Woods Edge Herb Farm.

Despite the chill in the air, Earth Fair 2010 brought people together for a purpose.

Learning of how to start, or progress in living a greener lifestyle abounded throughout the two day event. Learning experiences at each vendor’s table were vast, and geared toward any age group or knowledge level.

Children stayed busy and studious along a river walk area where they could learn about, and get up close views of crayfish, fish, bugs and other plant life found in St. Clair County rivers and streams.

Within reaching distance, their parents enjoyed the water filtration display, and learned about our local watersheds.

SC4 was a visible presence at Earth Fair as the Green Team, Alternative Energy Program, and the Engineering Program took up an expanse of half of one barn with various green displays.

Anthony Szuminski, 20, freshman of SC4, also participated with the college and took his own time to experience Earth Fair. His involvement at this year’s Earth Fair was due to “personal interest, for class and the Engineering Club. We helped build a lot of the displays. We helped create the connection for the energy to power the light up on one of the bikes.”

A student of Professor Bob Hunckler’s Intro to Sustainable Energy Concepts, Szuminski hopes to be at next year’s Earth Fair. “I’d give it an eight, there was a lot of cool people and it was fun to work with the kids.”