/Leading by example

Leading by example

Photo by Brian Johnston; The SC4 gym is home to the Skippers, home of six graduating sophomores.
Photo by Brian Johnston; The SC4 gym is home to the Skippers, home of six graduating sophomores.

Thomas Pregano

Business/Advertising Manager

“They led by example, by word, and through their ability to bring everybody into the Skipper family,” men’s head basketball coach, Dale Vos, said about sophomores Ben Abraham, Kieon Arkwright, Devon Kling, Marquis Lee, Eric Mack Jr., and Jake Stark.

Vos said, “We will miss these six players; however I believe they have done a good job with the last job of a leader and that is to train the next leaders.”

All six of the players have their own agendas; including 19 year old Ben Abraham from Memphis plans to be a mechanical engineer. Abraham will most likely attend Oakland University. He hopes to work for Chrysler after he graduates.

According to Abraham he has had offers from schools to play football and basketball but doesn’t plan to play anywhere.

Abraham said, “Playing basketball at SC4 was one of the best experiences of my life and it couldn’t have gone much better than it did.”

Kieon Arkwright is 20 years old from Flint, and played at Saginaw Valley last year. Arkwright is majoring in sports medicine. He hopes to continue playing for a division one or two school.

Arkwright said, “It meant a lot for me to be here and help the program out.” He made it to the All-Region and All-Conference team.

“This season was different for me in so many ways. It was the first time that I felt like, in the huddle, the guy to the right and left of me would do anything for me,” 19 year old Devin Kling said.

Kling is majoring in accounting and plans on transferring to Walsh College and will continue to play basketball in a men’s league with his family.

Marquis Lee is the oldest of the group at 22. Lee is from Frasier and nicknamed “Show Time” by teammates and fans. He hopes to play for a division one or division two university. Lee is undecided in his major but is confident he will find one when he gets where he is going.

Lee said, “This season meant the best for everybody.” He made the All-Defensive team in the MCCAA.

Eric Mack Jr., 19 of Detroit, is undecided on his major and plans to continue playing basketball. According to Mack, “Wherever I fit in, whether it be division one or division two, this season has meant a lot to me. These are the best teammates I’ve ever had in my life.”

Mack made the second team All-Conference.

The 20 year old Jake Stark, from Richmond, plans on majoring in teaching or sports management at Concordia or Tiffin University, in which he will also continue his basketball career.

Stark also made the All-Conference honorable mention team as the Skippers finished eighth in the national tournament. This year was the first time the Skippers made it to the National Tournament in SC4’s history.