/Laughing Gass Saves Lives

Laughing Gass Saves Lives

Patricia Kenner

Staff Writer

   On Thursday, Feb. 25, there was a benefit held to raise money for Haiti. The benefit was held by SC4’s Lambda Mu Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor International Society, Global Awareness Club and Social Science Department.

   First, there was a free lecture about Haiti presented by Professor Kraig Archer and then an hour after the lecture was the improv comedy group Laughing Gass.

   The comedy show was 5 dollars for students and 7 dollars for the public. The money raised was donated through the Clinton Bush Haiti fund.

   Professor Archer’s lecture was about the earthquake, how this earthquake compared with other earthquakes in different countries, and how Haiti needs both short term and long term aid.

   What Archer meant by Haiti needing both short and long term aid is the short term aid will help for right now, but they need aid in the long term to make sure that the country is getting prosperous. This benefit would be considered short term aid for Haiti.

   The show was made up of a bunch of different skits. The group interacted with the audience and one skit that had many cracking up. After the show the feedback from the audience was evident. Elizabeth Burgess, Port Huron, said, “I enjoyed it a lot. I thought it was a good way to raise funds. It was better than doing a pop can drive or fundraiser.”

   Laughing Gass has four members. They are Christine Day, Brian Day, Marty Snarski and Craig Martin. They have been together since 2004.

   This was not their first benefit. They did a show similar like this back in 2004 when the tsunami happened. The group likes doing benefits like this because they get to raise money and bring laughter during tragedy.

   Brian Day said, “We do improv and something good for society. It is one of the few things that theater can do to give back to society.”

   If interested in the Global Awareness club, call Kraig Archer at 810-989-5695.