/Homerun for Skippers

Homerun for Skippers

Twana Pinskey

Photo Editor

   “The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love,” said Bryant Gumbel, sports caster and television journalist.

   SC4 Skipper’s men’s baseball team is giving back by sharing their love of baseball with children half way around the world in Honduras.

   Beginning Feb. 23 and continuing until March 12, the Skippers’ men’s baseball team, Phi Theta Kappa Lambda Mu, in calibration with Erie Square Gazette, will be sponsoring “Out of the Park Honduras Bound,” a collection  of used baseball gloves and softballs for the children of La Villa School for boys in Comayagua, Honduras.

   “I’m real excited about getting to do this;” said Skipper’s head coach Denny Dwyer. “It gives our kids a worldwide perspective on the impact of baseball and kids in other countries.”

   Megan Meyer, Director of Volunteering Housing at Apufram International’s Volunteer house in Comayagua, said, “Our little boys will play baseball with rocks and sticks if they can’t find tennis balls to use.”

   Meyer said the children often injure themselves while using the rocks. Meyers went on to explain that when using tennis balls, the kids will swat the ball with their hand because they have no bats.

   “The lack of the most basic equipment doesn’t keep the children of La Villa from participating in baseball,” Meyer stated.

   Head coach Denny Dwyer, along with the Skippers, and some of their assistant coaches recently watched a presentation about these children and wanted to pay it forward by getting involved in the collection of baseball equipment.

   Collection boxes will be outside SC4 Athletic Director Dale Vos’s office, at Phi Theta Kappa’s office and at the Erie Square Gazette from Feb. 23 through March 12.

   Further information can be obtained by calling the Erie Square Gazette Office, 810-987-5733.