/Health care reform is a mixed bag

Health care reform is a mixed bag

Brian Johnston

Editor in Chief

This past Sunday, Congress passed the Health Care Reform Bill. All that’s needed is Barack Obama’s signature. And people are either far too happy or far too upset about it.

For starters, there are the accusations of “socialism” coming from the conservatives. They see it as just another step toward America becoming the Cold War-era Soviet Union.

According to them, we’ll have to wait in line for bread and other essentials, because regulating insurance providers is a slippery slope toward a complete government takeover of all labor and industry.

This rationale falls apart because regulations aren’t the same thing as takeovers. In a perfect world, we’d need no regulations because businesses would always do the right thing. We don’t live in that world.

Liberals are far too happy about Health Care reform passing. According to them, any conservative opposition must be due to conservatives being in the back pocket of the insurance agency.

It’s true that the new Health Care Reform Bill will make health insurance more affordable for lower-income citizens. It’ll also make it harder for citizens to be turned away because of pre-existing conditions.

It doesn’t provide the public option that so many believe it does. It also mandates that all US citizens must have some form of health coverage once the bill takes effect.

The message from the Democratic Party seems to be something along the lines of, “we’re so angry with the insurance industry, we’re forcing you to give them your money.” That’ll show them a thing or two.

Of course, elections don’t just take place every four years. November 2 has a General Election. All 435 Representative seats and 36 Senate seats will be up for grabs.

Do you like Health Care reform? Do you hate it? Don’t just grumble about it around the water cooler.  Don’t just throw your politics online. Vote.