/Government takes over airwaves

Government takes over airwaves

Cadi Parker

Staff Writer

   In the democracy in which we live, it may come as a shock to hear that the government decided they needed airtime on WSGR, SC4’s radio station.

   Some may wonder why and what for, but in this case, it is not local, state or federal government.

   It is the Student Government.

   According to an email from Student Government Vice President, Chuck King, 50, Port Huron, the timeslot allotted on Wednesday’s from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. was given to the Student Government a few weeks back.

   A snow day caused their first show to be cancelled but the Student Government has since had three radio broadcasts.

   Their airtime will include “interviews that will be conducted with advisors/ officers and students from clubs as well as possible faculty interviews in the future…perhaps one day even with Dr. Pollock,” said King.

   The Student Government radio show will include upcoming school events, information on clubs, and will answer questions from emails to the Student Government, or even answer questions and concerns live on air.

   As to who is the radio show’s personality, it’s Chuck King.

   “I give him a lot of credit for thinking outside the box on this one, and expanding the Student Government’s horizon,” said Paul Prax, Student Government Secretary, 20, Fort Gratiot, referring to King’s idea of creating a radio show to enlighten the student body.

   Dale Merrill, 43, Port Huron, is WSGR’s Program Director. According to Merrill, “The call letters SGR (in WSGR) represented Student Government Radio, in the ‘70’s, but in at least the past ten years there haven’t been any Student Government shows.”

   Of course, there are various other ways to gain information as a SC4 student. Each building is lined with bulletin boards and every student has their own email address linked to their school identification.

   Many students, however, race by the news boards and rarely check their email, like student Kassie Piotrowski, 19, Goodells. She feels the SC4 email is “one of the most difficult emails to log into.” She also has “friends in radio, but has never tuned in”.

   With the Student Government’s radio show hitting the air, Piotrowski feels that it would be more likely that she would listen to the radio more often than checking her email. “I just might start listening,” she said.

   Piotrowski is not alone. If information is needed on events and activities on campus, tune into 91.3 on Wednesday mornings from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. For school updates, it’s another “good idea.”