/EMT Class

EMT Class

Patricia Kenner
Staff Writer

   In 2009, SC4’s Work Force Training Institute added the emergency medical technician program. This semester is the third time the class has been offered.

   The course is a 254 hour, Michigan certified program that focuses on emergency services. The class covers everything from how to handle a crime scene to how important it is to de-stress one’s self from the job.

   The class is fully equipped with all the equipment used by professionals. There is even a CPR mannequin that can hold fake vomit in the stomach, so students know what it is like to have someone throw up when giving CPR.
    This program started because in order to become a firefighter, one has to have EMT training. Before SC4 offered these classes, fire fighter students had no choice but to go off campus to get trained.

   At least half of the students enrolled in the EMT class are either in the fire fighter program or are looking to get enrolled in the program.
    When it came to choosing the instructors Kevin Powers, Fire Program Facilitator, and Madison Heights, fire fighter, chose the best of the best. Powers stated, “Altogether the instructors have an average of 10 years teaching experience and 17 years in field experience.”

   Another reason why Powers chose the instructors he did was for the students’ benefits. Before SC4 offered this program, students had a low success rate on the National Registry EMT exam.    

   Now with the class being offered, the instructors are making sure they can help the students as much as possible to pass the exam. Instructors are even willing to give out their e-mails, personal phone numbers, and help facilitate study groups.
     There has been positive feedback from both the students and the administration. Powers said, “Students really enjoy the class. It is a hard program, but it is very rewarding and the students like the challenge.” 

   The administration realizes now that there was a need for this program. Starting in the fall of 2010, SC4 is offering a paramedic program. That program is going to be about 1,000 contact hours between the class room and clinic.