/Did You See Smoke Signals?

Did You See Smoke Signals?

Savannah Wilcox

Staff Writer

   Last Thursday, SC4’s International Cultural Education Committee showed “Smoked Signals” to raise awareness about Native American culture.

   The film was entirely directed, produced, and acted by Native American individuals, which is extremely rare in show business. Sherman Alexie is the writer of the two books which formed this screenplay.

   Not only is it unheard of to write the book and the screenplay, but Mr. Alexie topped it off with also being a Spokane/Coeur d’Alene Indian.

   The movie is based around a Spokane/Coeur d’Alene Indian tribe living in Idaho. This movie provides a realistic view into the lives of the Indians whom still live on reservations in America today.

   Victor and Thomas are the main characters paired together quite oddly as Victor is more muscle, while Thomas is more nerd. Victor and Thomas have to travel into new American civilization.

   “Smoke Signals” possesses the ability to describe the Native American culture to the rest of America. It shows the way the Indians live on the reservations as well as how they live today, as well as their values.

   “This is very realistic and especially interesting because it shows people today how very different our lives are from the lives of these Native Americans who struggle living in America,” Scott Fernandez said of the film.

   Mr. Fernandez did an excellent job of describing the importance of raising awareness of the Native American culture, “These people are still here, and still live amongst us today.”

   The International Cultural Education Committee will be hosting a day to celebrate Native American history on Tuesday, April 6. It will consist of multiple activities pertaining to the culture of Native Americans.