/Critical still is catching Critical Bill

Critical still is catching Critical Bill

Cadi Parker

Staff Writer

 Ever beat on your steering wheel, adrenaline surging through your veins?

   Screamed at the top of your lungs?

   Flat-out rocked out to a new album?

   When music is intense and relatable, it’ll heat you up and burn you down.

   “Critical Bill,” a self proclaimed borderline rock/rap band, hit the music scene hard, Saturday, March 13. The band played a sold out show at the Emerald Theatre in Mt. Clemens followed by an after party at Hayloft, also in Mt. Clemens, to celebrate their new release, “The Underground Kingdom.”

   The line-up, “Hell Rides North,” “Lithium,” “Madonna Brothers” and “Stellardrive,” served as fuel to the fire, creating an ever-growing sense of chaos for the packed house. Fans partied hard, jammed out and moshed to guitar hard-ons.

   For some rockers, it was their first “Critical” show, but others were familiar with the electric energy put out by the band, like fan George Wright.

   “I like that I know I’ll get, a good show,” said Wright, 25, Mt. Clemens. “I’ve been a fan for a while. I try to catch the ones I can.”

   It’s been a long road for “Critical Bill,” cross-country touring several times, but they don’t mind the attention from radio stations or fans like Wright.

   “We strive to move forward,” said the band’s drummer, known as C-bass. “Our success is like a snow ball rolling downhill, we just keep getting larger and larger.”

   “The Underground Kingdom” is their fifth album. The first three albums were put out by the band themselves. Powerdise, the band’s lead vocalist, said, “There was a point where we even did all of our own shrink wrapping. Now, with a label, that’s taken care of, but we still have free reign and creative control.”

   The band’s members each have input and it’s those “five flavors,” as C-bass put it, that create the sound and energy that makes up “Critical Bill.”

   It’s the band’s smooth taste and determination that has enabled them to work with nationally recognized artists, including “Hed P.E.,” “Tantric,” “Tech N9ne” and “Drowning Pool,” just to name a few.

   “Critical Bill” is set to start their national tour shortly, but the band will be playing in Mt. Clemens on April 10, at Hayloft for “The Mardi Party.” For more information on the band, its members or upcoming shows visit http://www.critical-bill.com.