Photo by Aaron Tomlinson; Two students talk with Zombie Defense Council members, left to right: Jeremy Case; Nigel Elliot; Cody Kimball.
Photo by Aaron Tomlinson; Two students talk with Zombie Defense Council members, left to right: Jeremy Case; Nigel Elliott; Cody Kimball.

Aaron Tomlinson

Copy Editor

   During the week of Feb 22, SC4 students in the cafeteria were greeted by representatives from different college clubs.

   Club Awareness Week had clubs on the search for new and interested students. From Phi Theta Kappa, to the Drama Club, to even the new Zombie Defense Council; clubs were prepared to advertise their interests before students.

   “Club Awareness Week is an opportunity for clubs to advertise what they are about to students,” Student Government secretary Paul Prax, said. “It is more of giving the students an option to join instead of recruiting.”

   Each day had a designated two or three clubs around lunchtime to show off what their club was about. Not only was it a benefit for unsure students to join, but also an opportunity for newer clubs to reveal themselves officially to the public.

   Two new clubs on campus are the Gay Straight Alliance and the Zombie Defense Council. Both clubs plan to launch themselves into the melting pot of student-campus interaction.

   “Our goal for the year, aside from fortifying our defenses against the impending zombie apocalypse, is to have students gather and speak freely about zombie concerns,” said Bob Kroll, faculty adviser for the Zombie Defense Council.

   The Zombie Defense Council plans on having a screening of “Night of the Living Dead,” as well as filming their own movies.

   The Gay Straight Alliance also intends for the students to become aware of who they are.

   “We are trying to bring out gay awareness,” said Sean Lathrop, treasurer of the Gay Straight Alliance. “We want to inform students of events that focus on the gay community. We aren’t the gay club; we encourage any student to join, whether gay or straight.”

   The Gay Straight Alliance plans on hosting a ping pong tournament on campus, as well as theatrical shows in the future.

   While the newer clubs are taking a leap into the pool, many clubs are already swimming.

   “The Student Government acts as the formal spokesperson for the college students,” said Dan Wiley, Student Government President. “We have many activities throughout the year like stress breakers, raffle drawings, candy giveaways and we are always interested in newer ideas.”

   The cafeteria filled with relieved students on break could sense the lyrics of Yung Joc through the club members’ mouths: “Meet me in the club, it’s goin’ down. Anywhere you meet me guaranteed to go down.”