/Celebrating five years

Celebrating five years

Twana Pinskey

Photo Editor

A cornucopia of talent and musical genius was evident as Saint Clair County Community College students presented “Tapestry,” the latest in the “Thursday at Noon Concert Series” April 15 at the SC4 Fine Arts Theatre in Port Huron.

This year’s presentation marks the fifth anniversary of “Tapestry” at SC4.

According to SC4 student and “Tapestry” performer, Amanda Carnat, “Tapestry” was started five years ago to offer dancers, musicians and singers the needed place to perform.

“We needed a place to perform. [“Tapestry”] is getting better every year,” replied Carnat. SC4 Visual and Performing Arts Adjunct Instructor and “Thursday at Noon Concert Series” host, Lillian Maley, discussed “Tapestry” as being a place where the students could learn.

She voiced her pleasure about the student’s performance. “I thought they were wonderful,” replied Maley.

Cello player and SC4 student, Chad Northcutt, composed an original composition entitled, “Winter Scenes” that was performed during the concert.

Accordingly pieces were performed from the SC4 choir that included 19th-20th century Folk music, Broadway as well as Classical presentations. Gasps of surprise and bursts of applause rippled through the audience as each group performed.

“The choir was wonderful,” said Jack Recor of Fort Gratiot Michigan. Recor felt the students had done a good job. SC4 students shared his sentiments.

SC4 student, Business Management major and event performer, 20 year old Sean Lathrop of Port Huron felt the “Tapestry” performance was a good way to show creative expression. “We don’t get a lot of opportunity to show off our skills and talents, so this was great,” replied Lathrop.

Upcoming events at the Fine Arts Theatre include: noon concert, “Boogie Woogie Babies” on April 22; SC4 Theatre Performance, “Young King Arthur” on May 15. Information on either of these events can be obtained by calling the SC4 Visual and Performing Arts at: 810-989-5709.